Week 8

Well, another week has come and gone and with that we move into week 8 of the NFL season – the midway mark. Things have gone well, I’ve had ups and downs, picked winners and losers, hit on fantasy picks and also missed, but it’s been fun.

Last week I went 10-4, good for 71% not bad, could’ve been a little higher had Buffalo not been so inept, they have officially moved into one of the league’s worst teams category. I currently am 63-28 this year or 70%. Not great, not better than a lot of people.

This week, I hope to hit it big, I think there are plenty of locks, so let’s see what I’ve got.

Week 8 picks

There are plenty of juicy match ups this week.


  1. Tom Brady vs. Miami. Tom Brady is playing on another level right now, he is the clear cut MVP baring injury from here on out. The Patriots play the Dolphins for the first time this season, they have played well of late but I expect the Patriots to run away with this one.
  2. Philip Rivers @ Baltimore. The Ravens have an inept secondary and cannot seem to cover anyone of substance this year. Rivers throws 50-60 times a game. I see no reason why he shouldn’t put up huge numbers this weekend.
  3. Drew Brees vs. New York Giants. Drew Brees is finally finding his groove. It only took half the season, but it appears he and his receivers are on the same page.


  1. Julio Jones vs Tampa Bay. Is this the week he finally returns to form? Or are we to suspect this injury is still lingering and slowing him down, only making him a great receiver, not the godly receiver we’ve come to see. He has a good matchup this week and should find the end zone with ease.
  2. Keenan Allen @ Baltimore. Of Rivers 50 pass attempts, you’d expect at least 15 to go to his number one receiver. I guarantee Allen finds the end zone this weekend, or I’ll give you a full-refund.
  3. A.J. Green @ Pittsburgh. Dalton and Green are finally getting things done in Cinci, they are rolling on all cylinders and go to a team whose starting quarterback is coming back too soon, in my opinion. I predict Big Ben to struggle this week, which means the Bengals should have plenty of opportunities with the ball.


  1. Le’Veon Bell vs Cincinnati. Though Cincinnati is playing very well this year but aren’t great against the run. They own a bottom-five yards per carry rating and Bell is an elite back, he should get some great opportunities this week.
  2. Marshawn Lynch @ Dallas. The Cowboys have begun to slip against the run and Lynch is starting to pick up his pace, all this leads me to believe, Skittles will have a great game.
  3. Chris Johnson @ Cleveland. No this is not a typo and no this isn’t 2005. Chris Johnson is second-leading rusher in the NFL this year and the Browns are the worst team against the run….you do the simple math.


  1. Tyler Eifert @ Pittsburgh. The Steelers are mediocre against tightends and Eifert is establishing himself as one of the better players in the league for his position.
  2. Delanie Walker @ Houston. Yup, I put Walker on this list. Houston isn’t very good against tightends and Mariota will be under pressure all game, look for Walker to be an outlet.
  3. Rob Gronkowski vs. Miami. The ‘Gronk will find the end zone, book it. Gronk is the best tightend in the league and there is no stopping him.

Top D

St.Louis Rams- They dominated fantasy last week and play a weak Niners team who is still struggling on both sides of the ball. I predict they will have a defensive touchdown this week.


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