The Final Four

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I managed to select two of the final four teams in the NCAA tournament – not bad.

I also rank in the top 90 percentile of all ESPN entrants, but that number will fall once a champion is crowned.

As for the two matchups, let’s start with Nova v Oklahoma.

Villanova is a 2-pt favourite but the Sooners have Buddy Hield who is averaging 29.3 PPG during the tournament – insane!

Nova is averaging 82.3 PPG and 63.0 PA during the tournament. Can you say dominating?

OU is averaging 81.0 PPG and 70.0 PA during the tournament, not quite as impressive but still a great spread.

I fully expect this to an old-fashioned shootout and for it to actually take an extra frame for a winner to be determined. I predict Nova will outlast OU and advance to the championship game.

The team who nobody thought that could -Orange Crush.

Syracuse is the first 10th seed to ever make it to the final game of the tournament after they squeaked by their last opponent. This proves that seeding isn’t as important as people think, it’s how you play during the tournament that matters.

As for UNC, they’ve rolled along this entire tournament and haven’t had much trouble dispatching their competition along the way.

This is the matchup between Gbinje and Johnson. Gbinje is averaging 16.0 PPG and 4.0 ASG, and Johnson is averaging 21.0 PPG and 9.8 RPG. Both players have really stepped up their game and found another gear lately – I’m really excited to see how these players perform in the biggest game of their career.

Syracuse is averaging 69.0 PPG and 55.8 PA and UNC is averaging 89.3 PPG and 73.3 PA.

NCU is the 4th team to play 5 games in a single NCAA Tournament without facing a top-4 seed along the way, needless to say, their road hasn’t been tested and it will be interesting to see what happens, if and when, Syracuse comes to play tomorrow night. I think Syracuse will “shock the world” and pull off the huge upset and find themselves in the championship game against Villanova.


As always, leave your thoughts below!




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