Well, I was right. I picked the winners and the eventual winner, Villanova!

This is a great way to end the season and my blog. It was been a whirlwind of a year, starting with fantasy football and culminating picking the NCAA Men’s Basketball champion.

There have been ups and downs throughout the year, this blog hasn’t been the easiest thing to write for, but that’s part of the challenge of creating engaging and interesting content that people will give a damn about.

For those of you who have loyally read my blog, I thank you. For those who didn’t (and probably aren’t reading this), no worries, your loss 😉

I plan on writing a much longer blog post describing my time in the Creative Communications program in the coming days – after some much needed partying and resting.

Well, I guess this about wraps it up. Thanks for checking it out!



The Final Four

Messages Image(3651734270).png

I managed to select two of the final four teams in the NCAA tournament – not bad.

I also rank in the top 90 percentile of all ESPN entrants, but that number will fall once a champion is crowned.

As for the two matchups, let’s start with Nova v Oklahoma.

Villanova is a 2-pt favourite but the Sooners have Buddy Hield who is averaging 29.3 PPG during the tournament – insane!

Nova is averaging 82.3 PPG and 63.0 PA during the tournament. Can you say dominating?

OU is averaging 81.0 PPG and 70.0 PA during the tournament, not quite as impressive but still a great spread.

I fully expect this to an old-fashioned shootout and for it to actually take an extra frame for a winner to be determined. I predict Nova will outlast OU and advance to the championship game.

The team who nobody thought that could -Orange Crush.

Syracuse is the first 10th seed to ever make it to the final game of the tournament after they squeaked by their last opponent. This proves that seeding isn’t as important as people think, it’s how you play during the tournament that matters.

As for UNC, they’ve rolled along this entire tournament and haven’t had much trouble dispatching their competition along the way.

This is the matchup between Gbinje and Johnson. Gbinje is averaging 16.0 PPG and 4.0 ASG, and Johnson is averaging 21.0 PPG and 9.8 RPG. Both players have really stepped up their game and found another gear lately – I’m really excited to see how these players perform in the biggest game of their career.

Syracuse is averaging 69.0 PPG and 55.8 PA and UNC is averaging 89.3 PPG and 73.3 PA.

NCU is the 4th team to play 5 games in a single NCAA Tournament without facing a top-4 seed along the way, needless to say, their road hasn’t been tested and it will be interesting to see what happens, if and when, Syracuse comes to play tomorrow night. I think Syracuse will “shock the world” and pull off the huge upset and find themselves in the championship game against Villanova.


As always, leave your thoughts below!



Week Two

well, in what was the most entertaining first weekend of the NCAA tournament in recent memory, a 15,14, and a 12-seed all won. That is absolutely insane!

My tournament champion, Michigan State University was one of the 15-seeds who caught a trip home a lot earlier than I and many others had predicted. That’s why it’s called March Madness…Anything can, and will happen.

We’re closing in on the Elite 8 and I have three selections in here and I can potentially reach five with wins from UNC and UVA…I still have a chance of hitting three out of four Final Four picks, and I’m proud of that. However, with MSU out of the picture, I stand no chance of picking the correct winner or climbing in the overall ESPN bracket. I currently stand in 3,124,643 or the 76%, meaning my bracket is better than 76 per cent of all entries.

Here is an up-to-date bracket for y’all to review. Messages Image(944094637).png

THE Bracket

Yes, as the title of this post says, this is THE Bracket. My bracket is perfect this year – said everyone – but I think I have a good grasp on it….

All kidding aside, I do feel confident in my selections and I know there will be some I get wrong, however, I do feel I’ll come pretty close to what actually unfolds.Messages Image(112091237).png

Let’s start in the West Division. Oregon was a surprise selection as a #1 overall seed. In my opinion it should’ve been Michigan State University, but there’s no going back so neither should we. I do think they’ll have an “easy” road but will be knocked off by a strong Oklahoma. Texas A&M have a great team and will make a good run. An upset which I could see happening is Yale over Baylor in the first round…even Duke could lose, both teams have had suspect years.

MidWest Division is fairly straight forward, but the one team I’m a little skeptical about is Utah. I’m not sure they have enough to get as deep as I have them. But I’m sticking with them. UVA, Purdue, and MSU are all strong contenders to make it to the Final Four, but there can only be one – and that one is MSU.

Messages Image(541623717).pngSouth Division. Again, this side is fairly straight forward and should unfold as it’s supposed to. But wait, when that normal happens, shit hits the fan, no? My dark horse is Miami, I think they’re going to make a run, further than most people think. Wichita St. Is a sleeper and could knock off Arizona. I think the Pac-12 is over-inflated and and over-represented in the Tournament.

East Division . This is the strongest division by far. UNC, Kentucky, Xavier, Indiana, they all could win the Tournament, the road to the Final Four is significantly more difficult for what ultimately will be UNC, though you can never count out Calipari. I like Notre Dame to make a run in the tournament and make it to the Sweet 16. But Xavier is tough, shout out Josh Kerr.

Messages Image(178035163).pngAnd this brings us to the Final Four… Kansas, Oklahoma, UNC, Michigan State. All four teams could easily win and I think this year’s Final Four could be one for the ages. the UNC/MSU game, in my opinion, is the National Championship game. UNC has the tougher road to get there, so ultimately I feel they’ll be worn down and a little too tired to take on Tom Izzo’s squad. Kansas and Oklahoma should be a fun, run and gun, game and will be fun to watch, but I don’t think either team will be able to beat MSU.

So there ya have it, MSU will win the Tournament!


Let me know what you think in the comments below.

March Madness

It’s that time of the year again when college basketball’s main tournament is right around the corner and millions of North Americans try to pick a bracket and play amongst the many other of millions of fantasy players.

There is certainly a strategy involved when creating a bracket, who’s hot, who’s not, any teams have injuries, what draw does each of the number one seeds have? All of the above questions are extremely important.

However, I’ve been witness to it more times than I can count, the person who wins the bracket is the person who has no investment into college basketball and just randomly selected a team to win their matchup because they liked the name of a school or its mascot.

The draw happens this Sunday, and you can expect me to post my bracket as soon afterwards as I can.

For now, I am going to scour the Internet for information and look at recent trends to get a consensus of which teams are firing right now.

My top two teams right now are, Kansas and “The U”.


Stay tuned!

Planning a fantasy draft

Good afternoon, today I’ll be telling you about a few options you have for when you’re drafting your fantasy team. There are many options, some fun, some business-like, and some just get it done – though none are right and none are wrong, it’s all personal preference.

I’ve completed a few different kinds of drafts. I’ve completed drafts while working (shhh), at home with my computer, while I was out-and-about on my iPhone, in a lounge with wi-fi, and around a kitchen table with magazines and a draft board that we filled in manually.


There are pros and cons to each of the above styles, however, over the years I have come to decide that going over to one of the league’s members houses for a couple of beers with some friends while heckling each other over one another’s draft picks usually offers the best experience.

But there are many factors that go into making this method an enjoyable experience.

A – You must pick the right location
• Has to be a home with a good setup. I.e. plenty of space, no kids/pets running around
• Good drink and quality food available
• Has Wi-Fi
• Have NFL fantasy magazines available (Even though a good manager will bring their own which has been highlighted and thoroughly thumbed through)

B – Need to have the right people in your league
• Can’t have people who aren’t willing to talk a little trash while taking it back in return
• Need to actively participate in the league. Regardless if they are doing well or not.
• A commissioner who takes no B.S. from the managers and is fair in all dealings.

Other factors such as, having a timed-draft which is adhered to is extremely important in keeping the day flowing smoothly, a big, bigboard for draft picks, pre-determined breaks (if need be), and any punishments which need to be dished out because of the previous years’ last-place finisher are all as equally important setting up the best possible home draft.

Please comment below and let know of anything you have done or heard of which make for a great fantasy draft party.


As always, I hope to hear from you,



Wellcome back, y’all

Welcome back everybody, I’m glad you’ve returned or if this your first time here, welcome, but what took you so long?


We’ve come to the point in the year when the combine has begun. This years’ top prospects are putting their best foot forward. In a few weeks, I’ll go over who I think will be able to make the biggest impact on the field in the 2016/17 season.


But for now, let’s talk about our Fantasy Info Lunch. What’s this you ask? Well, coming up, I am hosting an info session for people to come listen, ask, debate all things fantasy football. Drafting parties, waiver wire, strategies, literally anything you’d like to cover, we can!

The info session will happen at Red River College’s Exchange District Campus during a lunch hour. Date TBD. But soon.

So, keep your ears to the ground, or eyes on the web for an announcement which will come soon.

That is all for this week. Welcome back!