Planning a fantasy draft

Good afternoon, today I’ll be telling you about a few options you have for when you’re drafting your fantasy team. There are many options, some fun, some business-like, and some just get it done – though none are right and none are wrong, it’s all personal preference.

I’ve completed a few different kinds of drafts. I’ve completed drafts while working (shhh), at home with my computer, while I was out-and-about on my iPhone, in a lounge with wi-fi, and around a kitchen table with magazines and a draft board that we filled in manually.


There are pros and cons to each of the above styles, however, over the years I have come to decide that going over to one of the league’s members houses for a couple of beers with some friends while heckling each other over one another’s draft picks usually offers the best experience.

But there are many factors that go into making this method an enjoyable experience.

A – You must pick the right location
• Has to be a home with a good setup. I.e. plenty of space, no kids/pets running around
• Good drink and quality food available
• Has Wi-Fi
• Have NFL fantasy magazines available (Even though a good manager will bring their own which has been highlighted and thoroughly thumbed through)

B – Need to have the right people in your league
• Can’t have people who aren’t willing to talk a little trash while taking it back in return
• Need to actively participate in the league. Regardless if they are doing well or not.
• A commissioner who takes no B.S. from the managers and is fair in all dealings.

Other factors such as, having a timed-draft which is adhered to is extremely important in keeping the day flowing smoothly, a big, bigboard for draft picks, pre-determined breaks (if need be), and any punishments which need to be dished out because of the previous years’ last-place finisher are all as equally important setting up the best possible home draft.

Please comment below and let know of anything you have done or heard of which make for a great fantasy draft party.


As always, I hope to hear from you,




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