Post Super Bowl

oldWell, that was an interesting Super Bowl. Most people claimed it to be uneventful and boring, but for someone who enjoys defensive football, it was a classic.

The Broncos D bent but never broke, the Panthers had 350+ yards of total offence but only gave up 10 points to the number one offence in the league. The Panthers D was stout and held the Broncos in check throughout the game forcing Manning and Co. to return to the sideline after three plays on multiple occasions.

At the end of the day, the front-four of the Broncos was too much for the Newton and his O-Line. Much like the AFC Championship match where Tom Brady wasn’t able to get set for the first half to make any plays, the Panthers couldn’t either – but for the entire game.

Von Miller was a well-deserved MVP as he single-handedly changed the outcome of this game and lucky for him, this was his final game under his current contract. The man is going to get paid!

Speaking of which, the Broncos have a hard decision to make, they have one franchise tag and they have to decide whether to use it on Brock Oeswiller or Von Miller. My guy feeling is the club will not re-sign Peyton and Franchise Tag Brock, as he less-proven than Miller.

Von Miller will receive a contract on par with J.J. Watt, making him one of the highest-paid players in the NFL. He is worth the pay increase not only because he is a force on every play, but he allows the players around him to get better because they aren’t dealing with the double and triple teams that Von draws.


So next year’s all-too-early power rankings are out, and the Panthers hold the top spot, followed by New England, Seattle, Arizona, and Denver. I can’t argue with this at all and I think the “experts” got it right.


I’m excited for next season to come around and with that, a new fantasy season. However, with the end of football, it means the start of baseball! Go Jays Go!


Next week is Reading Week and I don’t think I’ll be posting anything, but I may, it all depends on how busy I am or motivated.

Stay tuned though, the fantasy info session announcement is right around the corner and you won’t want to miss this event!


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