Pro Bowl Weekend

Alright, well, to say I am happy with this past weekends results would be a blatant lie. The Patriots controlled the majority of the game (aside from the Broncos opening drive), but could NOT block the front-four of the Denver D–It was atrocious, really.

The Patriots D, aside from the opening drive, held the Broncos and “The Sheriff” in check, limited them to no drives over 50 yards for the remainder of the game. The Broncos could not move the ball what-so-ever, but the Patriots couldn’t block long enough for Tom Brady to finish his fifth step of his 5-step drop back. There were some strange coaching decisions by Bill, but I cannot second guess him, he’s one, if not the greatest coach in the history of the NFL. However, in hindsight, he should’ve kicked the field goal on fourth down with six minutes to go.  His defence was shutting the Broncos down and his offence was actually beginning to find some room. Plus, you have Gronk. Gronk put forward one of the best playoff performances I have seen in recent memory.

But at the end of the day, the Broncos, not Peyton Manning, won the game and advanced to the Super Bowl where they’ll meet the Carolina Panthers. Good Luck!

There’s no need to discuss the Panthers/Cardinals game. It was over after five minutes of play. They are head and shoulders above the majority of teams in the league and will, most likely, destroy the Broncos.

This game reminds me of the Super Bowl from a few seasons past, which saw the Broncos and the Seahawks play. The Seahawks, who are similarly built to this years’ Panthers manhandled the Broncos, when Peyton was able to throw a deep ball.

I have a strong feeling this years’ Super Bowl is going to be messy and not a lot of fun for fans. No one likes watching a blowout, people enjoy the tight games with controversy. Those games get the eyeballs and the attention, the blowouts, people tune-out the overall experience is less than ideal.

The Pro Bowl

The Pro Bowl is essentially a showcase of skills. The players participating in the game couldn’t care less about the outcome of the game. They’re there for the tan, the parties, the beach, and the paycheque. The game is more or less a flag football game played in pads. The players on defence aren’t moving and making the hits that are normal in a regular season NFL game. The players don’t want to get hurt or hurt any of the other players.

The Pro Bowl ratings aren’t very good, similarly to NBA and NHL all-star games, both are seeing a decline in viewership. There are rumours circulating the NFL wants to move the Pro Bowl to Mexico City – I’m intrigued. I think it could be fun exposing and showcasing the game south of the border. Many teams already have NFL Spanish radio casts for their games during the season. It’s trending upwards!

Side Bar

Reports surfaced today that the NFL is looking into moving its Oakland Raiders to Nevada to play in the newly proposed UNLV stadium. As much as the NFL hates being associated with gambling, this makes the most sense out of any of the moves. This move would work on so many levels, you’ll still be close to the Oakland fans, you’ll get new hometown fans, plus you’ll have all the tourists visiting. This move would be a win-win and a no brainer in my opinion!


As always, let me know what you think. Comment below!

Annnnd, big plug here, I’m planning on having an hour-long fantasy football session during a lunch hour coming up in a month! Stay tuned for more details!


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