Conference Championship Round

Last week’s games were interesting, to put it mildly. We can start with the Patriots and Chiefs game. The score was a lot closer than it actually was. The Pats won this contest and they didn’t appear to break a sweat. They are looking scary, especially with Edelman back in the line-up.

The night game saw the Cardinals/Packers. This was another classic which may end up being one of the best playoff games in recent memory. It was a close game, all game, as Carson Palmer was trying to rid himself of his first playoff game jitters and the Packers tried to contain the explosive Cardinal offence. Let’s just skip to the end of the game, where Aaron Rodgers pulled off, not one, but two hail mary’s on the final drive to tie the game and send it to overtime — to a receiver who had two receptions all season…

Move to overtime, where the coin did not flip which resulted in a do-over, however, the Packers weren’t allowed to change their mind on the outcome of the coin toss. Mr.Arizona,  Larry Fitzgerald took the first pass of overtime and rumbled 75 yards, breaking tackles and outrunning everyone around him to set the Cardinals up at the 5-yard line where the very next play he found the end zone and gave the Cards the victory.

Next up was Seattle and Carolina, or the tale of halves. The first half was completely dominated by the Panthers, and saw they up 31-0. Seattle came out of the locker room with their heads held high and put together some great drives and shut out the Panthers, but ultimately prevailed, 24-31.

Finally, the Broncos and Steelers. This game was a stinker of all stinkers. Yikes, Manning looks as if he should be playing in a geriatric ward, not a professional football field. The loss of Antonio Brown really hurt the Steelers’ chances, as their special-team play set them up with terrible field position multiple times. As a Patriots fan, I’m glad the Broncos won and not the Steelers. The Broncos lost one of their best DBs during the game and Bill Belicheck WILL NOT lose two times to the same team in one season, just not happening.


New England vs Denver

This game will be close for the first half I truly believe. However, come the second half, I predict the Patriots will come out and put this game away early and fast. The Broncos pass rush will be neutralized by Brady’s quick release. The Patriots know Peyton cannot throw the ball further than 15 yards and will prepare accordingly for that. The only chance the Broncos have is if they are able to run the ball down the Patriots throats, a weakness of theirs.

Arizona vs Carolina

Well, the East Coast is about to be dumped on by a copious amount of snow. The snow is going about to create havoc for cities, airports, and everybody involved. Washington, D.C. has halted flights out of their city until Sunday evening. I for one hope there is still snow on the ground when the game is played, it will make it more interesting. I don’t know if the Panthers would be able to run on the stout Cardinal D. I think this will be a low scoring game with the Cardinals winning by a last-second field goal, setting up a Patriots/ Cardinals Super Bowl…


Anyways, thanks for reading, as always. I love reading the comments and a little bit down the road I will be hosting a fantasy information session. Date and time TBD.


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