Divisional Round

Well, Wild Card Weekend was just that, wild. For the most part, aside from the KC/Houston game, all the games were fairly exciting and had a big of intrigue and controversy associated with them.

Blair Walsh, poor Blair Walsh. The guy had an amazing game, his kickoffs severely limited the ‘Hawks ability to start with the ball outside of their 20-yard line. He also was the only reason they had any points on the board, nevertheless, when the game was on the line, he didn’t deliver in the clutch, so they are out and the Seahawks are in.

The Cincinnati/Pittsburgh game was even nuttier, so I’m just going to leave that one alone.

I knew the Packers would win, their experience was just too much for the ‘Skins.

This week is as an exciting week as one can hope for. All four games could go either way – the Broncos/Steelers game is the only eh game because of all the injuries both teams are dealing with.

Kansas City v New England

Boy o boy, do we ever have a game on our hands here, KC is coming into New England riding an eleven-game winning streak and the Pats are almost completely healthy. The weather is going to be typical, Boston, January weather. Cold and wet/snowy. Julian Edelman finally comes back and Tom Brady’s ankle is healthy, according to him. Though, Bill Belichick is sporting a shiner – rumours are rampant, but he won’t confirm how it happened.

I predict the Patriots to come out on top in a hard-fought game, winning by a field goal.

Packers v Arizona

This should be a fun game, the league’s best team, in my opinion, Cardinals host a team who appears to have gotten their groove back. I think this will be a high-scoring affair with both teams putting up multiple touchdowns. Ultimately, I believe the Cardinals will win, by ten points.

Seahawks v Panthers

The week’s best game. Marshawn Lynch just reported he is ready to go and the Panthers are well-rested. I have a feeling this game will be a tight, low-scoring game. I’m thinking 17-14 as a final score with the Panthers reaching the NFC Championship game against the Cardinals, which could very well end up being the Super Bowl.

Pittsburgh v Denver

Well, where should we start here? Big Ben is hurt, Antonio Brown and DeAngelo Williams are both out and Peyton “The Sheriff” Manning is back at the helm. My o my, the headlines will and have been writing themselves leading up to this game. The Steelers always play tough and their defence has gotten better as the year has progressed, but their offence is hurting. Losing Antonio Brown is a major loss, it goes without saying. The two RBs the Steelers brought in to replace Williams last week had productive games, so I’m not too worried there.

The Broncos, lead by Manning, hmm. Could this be a fairly tale ending for his illustrious career? Quite possible, though unlikely. This was his worst year, statistically speaking, and even when he came into the game in relief, his play was mediocre at best, yet when he came into the game, the crowd and his players emotions all were lifted and they seemed to rally behind him.

This game is going to come down to the Broncos run game vs the Steelers defence. And I like the Steelers defence better, so I’m predicting the Steelers pull off another game-winning, time-ending field goal sending them into Foxborough to matchup again against their nemesis, the New England Patriots.


One thought on “Divisional Round

  1. KC is good at beating up on bad teams, but not so hot against good teams. I see the Pats easily winning this one. Honestly, couldn’t care about Broncos and Steelers, it’ll be a bore. Without Brown I think the Steelers are done. I think Arizona is too well rounded for Green Bay, though it’ll be a good game I think Arizona will pull away at the end. The game of the weekend should be Seahawks versus Panthers, it’s going to be hard hitting, fast paced football. Hard to pick a winner, leaning towards Carolina but I think it might wind up being whoever has the last possession.


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