Welcome back

Get it on, got to get it, mandate, get it on!

Well, we’re back. The winter break was extremely quick and full of excitement. I managed to make the playoffs in two of the three leagues I participated in. My highest finishing was third place, not bad, not great. I could easily blame the injuries I suffered this year, or the players who severely under performed, but what’s the use? Every team faces injuries of one sort or another so one must deal with it, whether it be dropping said player or riding it out.

So, instead of talking about fantasy for the playoffs, how I figured I’d just break down the games and quickly say who I think will come out on top.

Kansas City @ Houston

This shouldn’t be close, unless the Houston defence comes out and completely shuts down the Chiefs offence. The Chiefs are coming into this game riding a ten-game win streak and should increase it by another.

Pittsburgh @ Cincinnati

AJ McCarron got the nod ahead of Andy Dalton for the Wild Card game this weekend. The two teams split the season series, but the Steelers have looked shaky as of late. I’m predicting a very close game coming down the last series, with the Bengals winning.

Green Bay @ Washington

This is a very interesting matchup. The Packers started 6-0 and finished 10-6. The Washington Football Club, under the direction of Kirk Cousins won the NFC East after they were given a sub two per cent chance of doing so before the season started. I think this will be a shootout with the experienced Packers winning and moving on.

Seattle @ Minnesota

The Sub-Zero Bowl, temperatures are supposed to hit zero fahrenheit come kickoff, making it one of the coldest games on record. The Seahawks came into Minnesota just recently and to put it politely, shit kicked the Vikings. The ‘Hawks have Lynch returning from a seven-week absence, I don’t think he will be his normal self, especially given the recent return. Look for the Vikings to come out on top of this game and move into the next round. They are a dangerous team.


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