Week 12, American Turkey Day

Good afternoon and happy Turkey Day to my neighbours to the south, like many of you, I am excited for some good football today.

Last week wasn’t too hot for me, as I went 7-6. A lot happened that caused some of the outcomes to go against me, but hey, that’s football. The Thanksgiving weekend is usually a tricky one in terms of picking who is going to end come out on top, the turn around is very quick. It amazes me how the NFL “says” player safety is their main concern, but they make these players play two NFL games in five days, that’s a lot of punishment and not a lot of recovery time.

That being said, I feel a little confident about my picks, but 100 per cent.

week 12.jpg

Let’s return to the top plays for the week.

Top QBs

1. Aaron Rodgers vs. Chicago. Rodgers returned to form last week putting up numbers we have come to expect from him. It looks like the Pack me be back. Big week upcoming.

2.Drew Stafford vs. Philadelphia. Look for the Lions to make a run this week. I fully expect the Lions to win this game.

3. Blake Bortles vs. San Diego. The Chargers defence is horrible and the Jags are somewhat respectable. I fully expect the Jags to win this game and take a lead in the horrid AFC South.

Top RBs

  1. Adrian Peterson at Atlanta. The Falcons cannot stop the run and Peterson has been a monster this year, wouldn’t it be something if the Vikings win the NFC North and AP is in the discussion for MVP?
  2. Eddie Lacy vs Chicago. Yes, chubby Eddie Lacy is #2 this week. But look, the weather is supposed to be cold and wet. Perfect weather for the big bruiser.
  3. T.J. Yeldon vs. San Diego. Again, I am predicting the Jags to take it to the Chargers this weekend.

Top WRs

1.Calvin Johnson vs Philadelphia. There are two things consistent about Thanksgiving and the NFL. Megatron has scored the past six Turkey Days. Look for him to hit pay dirt again this Thursday.

2. Odell Beckham Jr. at Washington. OBJ has been a fantasy monster every game he’s played this season. Look for much of the same to continue.

3. DeAndre Hopkins vs New Orleans. Hopkins just torched Revis for 140 yards last week, and his opponent this weekend hasn’t been good against the pass AT ALL.

Top TEs

  1. Tyler Eifert vs St. Louis. Eifert was uncharacteristically held in check last week but look for him to get open more often this weekend against a Ram team who doesn’t cover tight ends very well.
  2. Gary Barnidge vs Baltimore. Well, the Ravens team gave away their first-overall pick for next year by kicking a game-winning field goal as time expired last week.  I ask myself, why would you try to win a game where you lost your franchise QB for the rest of the season?
  3. Rob Gronkowski at Denver. Last week, Gronk was kept in check, not catching a touch down. This week, look for the Pats to really push it hard, early in the game. This is the biggest game of the year for them- until the playoffs.

Top D

Carolina at Dallas. The Panthers are for real, they are getting no respect from the media as is evident by being an underdog in Dallas even though they are 10-0. This is a statement game for them, look for the Panthers to run amuck on the Cowboys. This game could get ugly.


Well, this is the last week for the blog until the new year. Once I return, I’ll recap the fantasy playoffs and the NFL playoffs, until then, mahalo.



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