Week 4

So taking the week off allowed me regroup, refocus, and realign my fantasy knowledge. And you know what, I went 14-2 this past week and should’ve been 15-1 as the Eagles had won the previous eight match ups and the Jets are overrated.

Hopefully, I can replicate this past week’s results. This is the first week of the NFL season with bye weeks; New England,
My top picks for the week


1. Aaron Rodgers @ San Francisco. The NFL MVP after three weeks. He is on a tear and taking no prisoners so far this year. He has 10 TD and 0 INT. A number only matched by Peyton Manning. He is going to put up 3 TDs and 350+ yards.

2. Derek Carr @ Chicago. Carr has torn up the league so far and Chicago is bad. They traveled to Seattle to punt 10 times and came back home. Chicago has more or less thrown in the towel as they traded two of their best defenders. Look for Carr to put up big numbers.

3. Andrew Luck @ Jacksonville. The Colts finally showed up last week, at least offensively. The Jags defense is pourus and Tom Brady and co. shredded them last week. Look for Luck to do much of the same.


  1. Randall Cobb @ San Francisco. The MVP has to throw to someone, right? Well, we know Cobb is his number one man, look for Cobb to put up 100+ yards and 2 TD’s
  2. Larry Fitzgerald @ St. Louis. Did Larry someone shave five years off of his life, because he is playing like a kid again, 5 TD’s in the last 2 games. C’mon now, how do you not start him.
  3. Julio Jones @ Texans. Jones is giving Rodgers a run for MVP right now, his numbers are out of this world and is on pace to break all sorts of records this year. Until he can be stopped, you must start him; each and every week.


  1. Frank Gore @ Jacksonville. The Jags couldn’t stop a thing last week. Luck is going to stretch the defence out, and Gore will pound it down their throats.
  2. Joseph Randle @ New Orleans. With Dez and Tony out, Randle became the man in the Big D. His numbers last week were Godly and the Saints D isn’t what it used to be, look for Randle to have a strong game, especially with a mediocre Weeden starting at QB for the Cowboys.
  3. Jonathan Stewart @ Tampa Bay. Alfred Blue ran up and down on the Bucs last week and Stewart is a better RB and plays on a better team. Logic has it that Stewart will put up bigger numbers than Blue did last week.


  1. Greg Olsen @ Tampa Bay. With Gronkowski sitting at home this week on the bye, Olsen takes the top spot on this list. Tampa Bay is inept and will attempt to fill the box to try and contain Stewart and Newton. Look for Olsen to get into the end zone this week, not once but two times.
  2. Martellus Bennett v Oakland. Opposing TEs have put up big numbers against the Raiders this year, with Jimmy Clausen behind centre for the foreseeable future, it is safe to say we will see heavy doses of Forte and Bennett this weekend.
  3. Jason Witten @ New Orleans. The Saints can’t stop Tight Ends for some reason. Once Randle forces the Saints to load the box, look for Weeden to hit Mr. Reliable, Jason Witten.


The Arizona Cardinals defence is scary. Home to arguably the best secondary in the NFL, these guys routinely bait opposing QBs to throw their way and when they do, there is a strong chance one of those guys back there will pick off the throw and run it back for a score the other way. St. Louis is in trouble and is not very good, look for this game to be a blow out.

Here are this week’s picks. I’m pretty confident here and think I’ve got a good read on things. Hopefully, I’m right.



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