Week 2

Well, that was a great weekend of football! There were upsets, come from behind victories and some blowouts!

Let us first discuss my fantasy picks. We will start with the signal callers. To refresh you, I went with Rodgers (23.06), Tannehill (11.74), Matt Ryan (18.62) & Bradford (15.44), and Roethlisberger (17.04). Some hits and some tanks, but decent picks. Tannehill definitely was a miss.

Running backs are next and I really struggled here. But #learning, Peterson (5.20), Lacy (15.90), Martin (5.40), Murray (14.00), Hill (18.30)

Wide receivers were a  different story with me hitting on a few, aside from an unpredictable injury to Dez. Jones (26.10), Bryant (4.80), Brown (19.30), Johnson (3.90), Cobb (9.80).

Tight ends, killed it with two! Gronkowski (27.40), Olsen (1.10), Kelce (28.40)

Sleeper pick, yup #GOTEM Ivory (22.00)

Defence…who saw this coming, even though they lost the Seahwaks put up 19.00 pts.

So, without any further ado, here are this week’s fantasy picks. I’m hoping to be a little more consistent.

Top Qbs

  1. Drew Brees (New Orleans) @ Saints vs. Bucs

Did you see what happened when a rookie QB took the field against the Bucs? Four touchdowns and a perfect QBR…this is a slam dunk, book it, take it to the bank! Drew Brees kills it this week

2. Andrew Luck (Indianapolis) @ Colts vs. Jets

The Jets are without one of their top DBs in Cromartie, and Luck had a down week last week. I don’t think it is a sign of things to come as Rex Ryan had an entire offseason to prepare for the Colts.

3. Tony Romo (Dallas) @ Eagles

Romo is without his #1 man in Bryant, but has many other weapons at his disposal. He led his team downfield in the final minutes and secured the win against a tough Giants team. Ryan tore the Eagles apart last week, expect the same again this week.

4. Tom Brady (New England) @ Buffalo

Another meeting in one of the best rivalries in the NFL, add Rex Ryan to the mix and expect fireworks to follow. Brady torched the Steelers  this past week and should be able to put up big numbers again this week. He has a career 58 touchdowns in 26 meetings with the Bills

5. Andy Dalton (Cincinnati) @ Bengals vs Chargers

Yes, that Andy Dalton. The Bengals looked sharp last week and the Chargers looked a little shaky. A.J. Green was a little rusty but we should expect to see him in his old form this week, especially if Hill is able to establish the run.

Top RBs

  1. Marshawn Lynch (Seattle) @ Packers

Matt Forte tore up the Packers defence in the first week of the season. Lynch is a different style of running back, but the results should be similar this week. Plus, Seattle is coming off of a loss, expect them to be pissed off.

2. Mark Ingram (New Orleans) @ Saints vs. Bucs

Ingram had a solid week last week, the Bucs are in disarray and will be fighting for the #1 overall pick in the 2016 NFL draft. Big on Ingram

3. Carlos Hyde (San Francisco) @ Steelers

Hyde exploded onto the scene last week against a tough Vikings D. He took many by surprise (not me as I have him in three of my fantasy leagues) and should improve against a weaker Steelers team.

4. Jamaal Charles (Kansas City) @ Chiefs

Charles is one of the league’s most explosive backs, he can run people over, run around people, and catch balls out of the backfield. Big week for Charles

5. Lamar Miller (Miami) @ Jaguars

Expect the Dolphins to feature Miller plenty this week, the offence begins and ends with him. They struggled last week against Washington, and he didn’t play much, coincidence?

Top WRs

  1. Julio Jones (Atlanta) @ Giants

Julio is a monster, he was covered and still made countless catches. Until a team figures out how to beat him, he will a top dog.

2. Brandin Cooks (New Orleans) @ Saints vs. Bucs

Brees has to throw to someone, and Cooks is his main man.  As I have Brees as my top QB I need to have a Saints WR in here also.

3. A.J. Green (Cincinnati) @ Bengals vs. Chargers

Green was rusty last week, no hiding that. Expect him to bust through his rusty shell and put up good numbers against the Chargers.

4. Antonio Brown (Pittsburgh) @ Steelers vs. Niners

Brown made what may be the catch of the year in the first week of the season last week. He is a stud and put up big numbers against a Bill Belichick defence.

5. DeAndre Hopkins (Houston) @ Panthers

Hopkins is a good player on a good team and is the only “real” weapon the Texans have on the offensive side of the ball.

Top TEs

  1. Rob Gronkowski (New England) @ Bills

Gronk is the best and #1 option for Tom Brady. Brady and co. hate the Bills and will want to run the score up on them, given the chance. Gronk has nine Tds in seven games against the Bills, look for the numbers to grow this week.

2. Jimmy Graham (Seattle) @ Packers

Jimmy was targeted five times in the Rams red zone last week, securing one TD. He is going to get his looks, and is near uncover able that close to the goal line.

3. Jared Cook (St. Louis) @ Redskins

Cook had a good first week and Cameron put up big numbers against the Skins last week. Tight ends are the go to guys down near the goal line and the Rams will want to show everybody that their week one win was no fluke.

Top Defence

Balitmore Ravens are traveling to The Black Hole this week. If that isn’t enough of an explanation as to why to selected them, consider this the Raiders have VERY few offensive weapons and the Ravens D is one of the best. Yes, even with the loss of Suggs, they are still one of the best.

Top sleeper pick

Donte Moncrief, T.Y. Hilton is hurting a bit, he should see a bunch of looks this week. Grab him if you still can

Weekly Picks

Last week went ok, I managed to go 11-5 (69%)

I am hoping to do a little better this week, hopefully get up to 13-3.

Denver Broncos @ Kansas City – Denver

Houston Texans @ Carolina Panthers – Houston

San Francisco 49ers @ Pittsburgh Steelers – Pittsburgh

Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ New Orleans Saints – New Orleans

Detroit Lions @ Minnesota Vikings – Minnesota

Arizona Cardinals @ Chicago Bears – Chicago

New England Patriots @ Buffalo Bills – New England

San Diego Chargers @ Cincinnati Bengals – Cincinnati

Tennessee Titans @ Cleveland Browns – Tennessee

Atlanta Falcons @ New York Giants – Atlanta

St. Louis Rams @ Washington Redskins – St. Louis

Miami Dolphins @ Jacksonville Jaguars – Miami

Baltimore Ravens @ Oakland Raiders – Baltimore

Dallas Cowboys @ Philadelphia Eagles – Dallas

Seattle Seahawks @ Green Bay Packers – Green Bay

New York Jets @ Indianapolis Colts – Indianapolis

Survivor Pool Pick









Dallas ( Week 1 selection)



Green Bay


Indianapolis (Week 2 Selection)


Kansas City



New England

New Orleans

New York Jets

New York Giants




San Diego

San Francisco


Tampa Bay




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