Week One

Welcome to my fantasy football website. Every week I will post players who I expect to have strong performances based on the teams they are playing.

I am in the Creative Communications program at Red River College in Winnipeg, Manitoba. I am a second-year student majoring in public relations.

Being involved with fantasy sports for the past 15 years, ranging from basketball, hockey, baseball, and yes, football. I feel as if I have a strong grasp how fantasy sports work and the basic strategy needed to have your team rack up the wins each week, ultimately leading to a championship trophy.

There are mathematical strategies that can be employed to determine which player(s) is likely to put up big numbers, but for the sack of this blog I will keep it relatively basic. The opponent, the weather/location of the game, how well they’ve played recently, and confounding variables, or for the mathematically challenged folks, unaccountable variables.

In addition to listing my top-five players at QB, RB, WR, (three)TE, I will add a sleeper and a top Def. Also, I will try and correctly guess the winner of each game. I am hoping to guess 80 per cent of the games successfully. AND, just because I can, I will have my own Survivor Pool, wherein I select a team to win each week, however, once I select one team to win, I cannot use them again for the remainder of the year – strategy is certainly employed here.

I am also toying with the idea of doing a DraftKings starting line-up each week. For those unfamiliar with DraftKings, it is “online entertainment” where you compete against other people from North America in a one-day fantasy contest where you can win upwards of ONE-MILLION DOLLARS for the low entry fee of $3.

But I digress and since the first game of the week is almost upon us, I ought to get my picks up here before kickoff.

These are my Top QB picks for the week

1.) Aaron Rodgers (Green Bay Packers) @ Chicago. Sunday 12:00 CT Clear 20 C, 10 Km wind.

Rodgers is the “top dog” of NFL QB’s, he routinely torches his opposition with little resistance, either through the air or with his legs. Chicago’s secondary is suspect, and weather conditions are prime for throwing. Losing Jordy Nelson for the year is cause for concern. However, Rodgers can make the average Joe a threat.

2.) Ryan Tannehill (Miami Dolphins) @ Washington. Sunday 12:00 CT Cloudy 22 C, 20 Km wind.

Washington’s defence was atrocious last year, often allowing quarterbacks to put up big numbers against them. Tannehill just signed a BIG contract extension and will be eager to prove that he is worth the big bucks.

3.) Tie- Matt Ryan & Sam Bradford @ Atlanta. Monday 6:10 CT Dome.

The week’s highest line of 55.5 total points, expect A LOT of scoring to happen here. Dome conditions are perfect for fast teams who like to air out the ball. This will be a shoot-out and will probably come down to the final series of the game to determine the winner. You honestly can’t go wrong with either of these guys as both secondaries are weak.

5.) Ben Roethlisberger (Pittsburgh Steelers) @ New England. Thursday 7:30 Drizzle 19 C 10Km wind

Expect Big Ben to put up big numbers in the season opener as the Patriots raise another banner to the rafters. Losing their Pro Bowl DB, Darrelle Revis is going to hurt the already thin secondary. Big Numbers for Big Ben…BOOK IT

These are my Top RB picks for the week

1.) Adrian Peterson (Minnesota) @ San Francisco. Monday 9:20 cloudy 20 C 13Km Wind

He’s back ladies and gentleman, and the league has decided to welcome him back with a “soft” Niners defence who lost many starters from last year. He will be out to prove all the naysayers wrong.

2.) Eddie Lacy (Green Bay) @ Chicago. Sunday 12:00 CT Clear 20 C, 10 Km wind.

Refer to Aaron Rodgers, Lacy will tear apart the porous Chicago defence.

3.) Doug Martin (Tampa Bay) @ Tampa Bay. Sunday 3:25 CT Cloudy 29 C, 10 Km Wind

Muscle Hamster is back looking more fit and healthy than in years past. He should get many touches as Heisman Winner Jameis Winston makes his NFL debut. Tennessee’s run defence has been shaky the last few years, expect a good showing in this game.

4.) DeMarco Murray (Philadelphia) @ Atlanta. Monday 6:10 CT Dome.

Murray is set to suit for his new team after an MVP-calibre season last year with Dallas. His O-Line will be weaker. However, Atlanta’s terrible defensive line will open holes that a truck could drive through, untouched.

5.) Jeremy Hill (Cincinnati) @ Oakland. Sunday 3:25 Cloudy 23 C 16 Km Wind

The opponent is Oakland, although they upgraded their defence, they are still the Raiders.

These are my Top WR picks for the week

1.) Julio Jones (Atlanta) @ Atlanta. Monday 6:10 CT Dome.

One of the top wide receivers in the league, Julio simply cannot be tamed by many teams, let alone an injured Eagles secondary.

2.) Dez Bryant (Dallas) @ Dallas. Sunday 7:30 26 C Clear 15Km Wind

Bryant recently signed a massive extension and is arguably the best receiver in the game and always gets up for games against his division rivals.

3.) Antonio Brown (Pittsburgh) @ New England. Thursday 7:30 Drizzle 19 C 10Km Wind

Without top DB Revis, expect the talented Brown to have his way with the reigning champion Patriots Thursday night.

4.) Calvin Johnson (Detroit) @ San Diego. Sunday 3:05 Clear 29 C 18 Km Wind

Along with Bryant, you could call them 1A and 1B in terms of who is the game’s best. Every week you will be starting these guys (no brainer). With the competitive NFC North, every game will count, expect Megatron to put up big numbers.

5.) Randall Cobb (Green Bay) @ Chicago. Sunday 12:00 CT Clear 20 C, 10 Km Wind.

Refer to Aaron Rodgers. Cobb moved up to the number one wide receiver this year with the injury to Nelson. I could see Cobb vying for top WR this season.

These are my Top TE picks for the week

1.) Rob Gronkowski (New England) @ New England. Thursday 7:30 Drizzle 19 C 10Km Wind

Was there any real question about who would be #1 this week? Gronk is the game’s best tight end and will be a Top 5 TE every week, nuff said.

2.) Greg Olsen (Carolina) @ Jacksonville. Sunday 12:00 Overcast 27 C 7 Km Wind

With the loss of Benjamin, Olsen has become Newton’s top target. Expect Olsen to have a big year.

3.) Travis Kelce (Kansas City) @ Houston. Sunday 12:00 27 C Clear 18 Km Wind

Houston has the best defensive line in the league with arguably the best player in J.J. Watt. Expect Smith to dump is off to Kelce often as pressure will be constant all day.

This week’s sleeper pick

1.) Chris Ivory (New York Jets) @ Cleveland. Sunday 12:00 23 C Cloudy 12 Km Wind

I don’t think Ivory will be a sleeper after this week. He will put up big numbers against a bad Browns team.

This week’s top defence

Seattle at St.Louis

The Seahawks are an elite team with an elite defence, even if Chancellor doesn’t suit up. The Rams are rebuilding and have issues up front.

This week’s picks

Pittsburgh @ New England – New England

Green Bay @ Chicago – Green Bay

Kansas City @ Houston – Kansas City

Cleveland @ NY Jets – NY Jets

Indianapolis @ Buffalo – Indianapolis

Miami @ Washington – Miami

Carolina @ Jacksonville – Carolina

Seattle @ St. Louis – Seattle

New Orleans @ Arizona – New Orleans

Detroit @ San Diego – San Diego

Tennessee @ Tampa Bay – Tennessee

Cincinnati @ Oakland – Cincinnati

Baltimore @ Denver – Denver

NY Giants @ Dallas – Dallas

Philadelphia @ Atlanta – Atlanta

Minnesota @ San Francisco – Minnesota

Survivor Pool Pick









Dallas ( Week 1 selection)



Green Bay




Kansas City



New England

New Orleans

New York Jets

New York Giants




San Diego

San Francisco


Tampa Bay



Thanks for checking out my page, make sure to come back next week to see how my predictions panned out and my picks for next week.


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